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Online Consults for Emotional Health

Make an appointment to care for your emotional health with a doctor who is trained to care for the

Afghan community in America

Image by Simona Sergi

Patient Navigators

We are grateful to our

Patient Navigators are key to the success of this project.  

Made up mostly of physicians from Afghanistan, they are leaders working to improve the health of their communities in the US


The HEAL Initiative

The Health Extension for our Afghan ALlies (HEAL) initiative is a cooperative project between the organizations of USCRI, AMPAA, and Healis Health.  Our mission is to expand mental health access to the recently resettled Afghan community here in the US. 


A bridge to care

When patients are improved and ready to stop their care, or if they have local in-person care established, Patient Navigators fill out the Discharge or Transfer of care form below and help them transition to the community resources.

We create

Our mission is to protect the rights and address the needs of persons in forced or voluntary migration worldwide and support their transition to a dignified life.

We are dedicated to uniting Afghan healthcare professionals, providing medical education, and providing medical assistance and care for all people within the United States and Afghanistan. 

Healis Health is a cooperative of doctors which believes in expanding access to high-quality healthcare and restoring the doctor-patient relationship. 

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